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Escape Room Puerto Rico, in the heart of Old San Juan!

Fun for friends, gamers, families, tourists, even team building events. Part scavenger hunt and part puzzle game. We have created puzzles and clues from cultural landmarks of Puerto Rico from El Morro Dungeon to the Oso Blanco Prison.

45 minutes are on the clock… Stimulate your minds, experience the live game, and … try to escape!

Escape Rooms

The year is 1823, for decades the Caribbean Sea has been infiltrated with pirate ships. You have been kidnapped by the infamous Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí. He is holding you hostage at the ancient fort named el Morro, where you are locked up in its dark and scary dungeon. Find the treasure chest which has the key to escape before he comes back and forces you to walk the plank… Good luck mateys.
You have been falsely accused of a capital crime and locked up inside the legendary Oso Blanco, the most feared prison of Puerto Rico. There’s no chance of a re-trial, no chance of parole, and a group of your peers have sentenced you to death row. Rumor has it that the inmate before you left clues of how to escape. Your day of reckoning is drawing closer and closer, time is running out and there’s nobody left to help you. Find the key to escape…before it’s too late.
You are a special agent recruited by a global superpower. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find, retrieve, and deliver a bomb stolen by a rogue spy. This safe house was his last known location. There is only 45 minutes on the clock before it detonates. Tic toc tic toc…time is ticking away and many people are counting on you. But be careful physics and chemistry were the rogue spy’s area of expertise. Find the bomb and key and return them to headquarters safely!

Escape Rooms are perfect for:

B-Days/Private Events

Celebrate a birthday, bachelor/ette party or special occasion. Tell us your preferred date and time and we can arrange to hold a private event just for you!


This is a brain-testing puzzle, a live-action version of the virtual games you play online. Can you put down your controllers, turn off your computer and try this game live?


A new adventure for your family or friends that will challenge your group to work effectively. You will have a great time and make lots of memories.


Escape rooms are fun and adventurous! Enjoy live rooms with El Morro Dungeon and the Oso Blanco Prison themes right in the middle of historic Old San Juan.


Everyone must work together to escape from the room! This is a new, fun and exciting team building activity designed for group cooperation.

Past Escapists: